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TEFRA Information

We want to ensure every patient has coverage for speech services, and TEFRA is a great program through Arkansas DHS.

TEFRA: Welcome

Common Questions About TEFRA and Speech Therapy

What is TEFRA?

The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) is a Medicaid program that can help families with children younger than 19 years old who have a disability receive care in their homes rather than an institution. The TEFRA program can help pay for the cost of those services for eligible children.

Is TEFRA Free?

Some families will not have to pay anything as part of the program. Others pay a premium on a sliding scale, depending on their income. Children who live in an institution or receive extended care in an institution are not eligible for TEFRA.

To see the sliding scale chart with DHS please click here

What is the eligibility  for TEFRA?

To be eligible for TEFRA you must meet the following requirements:

  • A child must meet the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of disabled.

  • The child must have a medical condition that would require institutional placement in a hospital, a skilled nursing facility, an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID), an Alternative Home placement, or be at risk for future institutional placement. Medical necessity is also based on services that improve or maintain a child’s health or prevent a child’s health from getting worse.

  • The child cannot have personal income that exceeds the Long Term Care Medicaid limit, which is three times the SSI income limit and can change each year. The child cannot have countable resources that exceed $2,000. Countable resources for a child include cash on hand, bank accounts, vehicles, etc. Parental income and resources are not considered.

Can we do an evaluation before applying for TEFRA?

Walker's Tiny Talkers is happy to do an evaluation on your child at any time.  If you are planning on applying and using TEFRA to pay for the evaluation, we will need to wait until that application is approved before conducting it.

I do not qualify for Medicaid.  Can I still get TEFRA?

Walker's Tiny Talkers cannot tell you if an application for TEFRA will be approved or not.  We can tell you that several families have been denied medicaid but approved for TEFRA.  We recommend that you contact your local DHS office for more information.

Is TEFRA insurance?

TEFRA can be used as insurance and is part of the Arkansas Medicaid program.  This insurance can be used for speech therapy and any other medical services that the insured person needs.  TEFRA is accepted anywhere that accepts AR Kids or medicaid.

Is TEFRA the same as Medicaid?

TEFRA is part of the medicaid program in Arkansas but is not medicaid.  In order to qualify for medicaid in Arkansas household incomes must be below a pre-determined figure.  TEFRA does not have this requirement.

My family already has Medicaid.  Should we also get TEFRA?

If you already have medicaid, then the state will not give you TEFRA Insurance.  If your income situation changes, and you are no longer eligible for medicaid, you can then apply for TEFRA.

How do I apply for TEFRA?

To apply for TEFRA, you will need to download the applications packet here.

How long does it take for TEFRA to be approved?

On their website they mention that it can take 45 days to approve an application.


Important Links For TEFRA


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Apply For TEFRA

Click to button to be redirected to DHS to apply for TEFRA

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Click below to find out what your cost for TEFRA will be

Phone Numbers For TEFRA and DHS

Contact Information For DHS and TEFRA

Coverage for Your Medical Needs

TEFRA: Accepted Insurance

Walker's Tiny Talkers and TEFRA

Walker's Tiny Talkers is a medical provider for Arkansas Medicaid and TEFRA.  We do not review, accept, approve, or deny and TEFRA or Medicaid application.  The information on this site is to provide information to patients to ensure they are being given every financial opportunity allotted to them in the state of Arkansas.  If you have any questions about TEFRA or Medicaid, you should contact your local Arkansas Department of Human Services for more information.

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