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Children Embracing in Circle

Speech Therapy For Pragmatics (Social Skills)

Walker's Tiny Talkers Specializes In Pediatric Speech Therapy for Dyslexia

Pragmatic disorder is a difficulty with the use of social language and communication skills.

Symptoms include:

  • Difficulty understanding nonverbal language (facial expression, body language)

  • Problems with taking the perspective of others

  • Inaccurate interpretation of social situations

  • Difficulty with conversation skills (initiate conversation, taking turns, staying on topic, contributing to conversation)

  • Limited understanding of figurative language (sarcasm, irony, idioms)

  • Lacking problem solving skills.

How Speech Therapy Can Help

We use methods from Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking to teach social skills.  Methods include, but are not limited to, think sheets, social behavior mapping, role playing, using the social thinking vocabulary, zones of regulations and much more!  

Pragmatics (Social Skills): About
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