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Helping Children With Autism and Their Families.


Potential Signs of Autism

Does your child…

  • Not speak as well as his or her peers?

  • Have poor eye contact?

  • Not respond selectively to his or her name?

  • Act as if he or she is in his or her own world?

  • Seem to “tune others out?”

  • Not have a social smile?

  • Seem unable to tell you what he or she wants, preferring to lead you by the hand or get desired objects on his or her own, even at risk of danger?

  • Have difficulty following simple commands?

  • Not bring things to you simply to “show” you?

  • Not point to interesting objects to direct your attention to objects or events of interest?

  • Have unusually long and severe temper tantrums?

  • Have repetitive, odd, or stereotypic behaviors?

  • Show an unusual attachment to inanimate objects, especially hard ones (e.g., flashlight or a chain vs. teddy bear or blanket)?

  • Prefer to play alone?

  • Demonstrate an inability to play with toys in the typical way?

  • Not engage in pretend play (if older than 2 years)?


Resources For Autism In Northwest Arkansas

We have compiled a list of resources that we will feel may be helpful to families of autistic children.  These links will redirect you to another web page and we do not control the content of those pages.

Asperger Syndrome

Autism Research Institute


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