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Speech Therapy For Apraxia

Walker's Tiny Talkers Speech Therapy Clinic in Bentonville Specializes in Speech Therapy For Apraxia

Childhood Apraxia of Speech- speech disorder in which a child has difficulty making accurate movements when speaking.

Signs of apraxia include:

  • Inconsistent errors on consonants and vowels

  • Disrupted patterns

  • Loudness

  • Rhythm of speech

  • Disrupted transitions between sounds and syllables.

Some of the treatment  approaches include the following:  

  • Kaufmann Treatment-   teaches children to combine consonants and vowels to form words while controlling for speech motor coordination difficulty.

  • Multisensory-Cuing- sensory cues are used to help the child see, feel, hear and understand speech movements.

  • Rhythmic Approaches- use intonation patterns (melody, rhythm, and stress) to improve functional speech production.

Apraxia: About

Additional Resources For Parents of Children With Apraxia

There are several resources and support groups for children with apraxia.  We have compiled a list of some of the more popular ones.


ASHA is the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  They have some great information on their website for children with apraxia.

Apraxia Kids

Apraxia Kids has some wonderful information on their site for children with apraxia.  We recommend that you visit them and see what resources they offer.

Apraxia Kids Facebook Support Page

This is a facebook support page for families of children diagnosed with apraxia.  You can post, read, and chat with other families going through the same challenges as you.

Apraxia: List
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